Complete Decentralized Applications.
Without the Cloud
Kubelt is a fully managed decentralized application platform.
Easily deploy dApps with standardized identity, storage, messaging services over a unified serverless RPC API, and more.

Pick the tools that works best for you

npm install --save @kubelt/kubelt-js

function myName (first, last) {
var string = "My name is" ;
return string + first + last;

npm install -g @kubelt/kubelt-cli

function myName (first, last) {
var string = "My name is" ;
return string + first + last; vvvvv

function myName (first, last) {
var string = "My name is" ;
return string + first + last;

Don't want to miss anything?

content is everything

Discover a better way of building applications.

Kubelt is taking the best of the old and blending it with the new to deliver a better applications developement and delivery experience.

Content Management

Manage content with a familiar and intuitive content management user experience.

Content Routing

Leverage peer-to-peer content routing system to delivery your data.

Content Addressing

Compress APIs into a zero-knowledge content address protocol to all your data and compute.

Client Centric

Materialize your work in a local-first context leveraging best-in-class cryptography.

Open Source

Discover an ecosystem of community driven tools and libraries for your dApps.

Storage Management

Stop fussing with high-touch storage and pinning services with confusing interfaces.

Egress Tax

Forget about unpredictable and unfair egress fees from the big cloud providers.

API Change Management

Simplify API integrations and compliance headaches caused by multi-system touch points.

Server Centric

Don't give control and visibility of your personal data over to someone else.

Lock in

Eliminate lock in to proprietary hosted tools and services in favor of local first libraries.

Who loves Kubelt?

We love working with companies building the new web.

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Open Source

We’ve created a powerful SDK using open standards to power the libraries and tools you need so you can focus on your applications.
Multi Language Support

Kubelt’s SDK is written in Clojure so it can be built for browsers and servers.

Install from CDN

Use Kubelt libraries in the browser without extra build processes.


Generate local emulators using open rpc specifications customise your own front-end.

Kubelt CLI

Manage Kubelt applications from your local machine and continuous integration pipelines.