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One button to secure your user data

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Authenticate users with your preferred method


Authorize access to rich profiles and services


Automated onboarding forms for your users


One button to secure your users

Authenticate with preferred method

Authorize access to rich profiles and services

Automated completion for missing scopes

One button to secure your users

Authenticate with preferred method

Authorize access to rich profiles and services

Automated profile completion for missing scopes

Stay Close to Your Customers

Kubelt secures user profiles into private, decentralized identities called 3IDs.
With the 0xAuth protocol,  applications get to know their customers better and stay in touch with access to rich user profiles, content, services and more.

Public Profiles

Integrate rich profiles complete with avatars.

Connected Accounts

Join single identities across multiple social and blockchain accounts.

Dedicated Accounts

Provision single-purpose custodial blockchain accounts for easy decentralization use cases.

Validated KYC

Request access to KYC information validated periodically for regulatory and compliance use cases.

Application Data Storage

Store data objects in dedicated application user namespaces with simple object APIs or GraphQL.


Query user NFTs across all connected accounts to build rich decentralized experiences.

Common use cases for Kubelt

Easy User Onboarding

Pull in complete user profiles complete with profile picture, token balances, activity and more.

Fast KYC

Request users pre-validated KYC information to improve onboarding experience for defi and more.

User Resolution & Segmentation

Resolve single users from token holders across multiple smart contracts with automated segmentation and attribution metrics.


Request authorization to message users using their favorite channels including email via masked email addresses.


Request from users new single-purpose custodial or shared custodial wallets to create frictionless in app experience in isolation from their primary accounts.

Object Storage

Request access to a user controlled object storage namespace to read and write data objects. Encrypt with user issued keys and pin objects to IPFS.

Free and Open Source

Kubelt is open source and does not charge any fees for monthly active users.

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