Simple & Secure
User Onboarding

Onboard users with an experience they can't forget.

Easy Onboarding
for Everyone

Social Login

No seed phrases or wallet extensions
The familiar path for the majority of users
Increase conversion rate by more than 90%


Crypto Sign in

Wallet support built in
The inside track for power users
Turn crypto accounts into customer accounts

Focus on Users, Not Infrastructure

3ID is all of your authentication and authorization needs bundled into one great package

Auth & Social logins

Give your users familiar sign-in options.

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Session Management

See who is logged in, who is new, and who is returning.

Wallets as a Service

Provision wallets for your users.

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Configurable UI/UX

You control the login experience.

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Stay Close to Your Customers

Build long-term relationships with crypto-native users. 3ID turns blockchain addresses into user accounts.

Activate users with a great first experience. 3ID gives you fine-grained control so you can get users into your application fast.

Don’t interrupt your users. 3ID gives you access to periodically refreshed KYC results for compliance without UX tradeoffs.

Unlock partnerships with other companies and projects. Shared users get better service, better information products, better rewards, better promotions, and a better experience.

Use our first party services to build apps and features faster. Connect to third party services easily. Organize all of your integrations with 3ID and solve the SaaS spaghetti nightmare once and for all.

Popular Use Cases

Easy User Onboarding

Get users into your application quickly and securely. Progressively add to their profile as you build your relationship. Personalize their experience with an avatar they've selected and a nickname of their choice.

Fast KYC

Request pre-validated KYC information from users to get them through the #1 falloff point in new account creation painlessly.

User Resolution & Segmentation

Turn accounts into customers. Resolve single users from token holders across multiple smart contracts with automated segmentation and attribution metrics.


Convert transactional web3 accounts into long-term customer relationships. Get authorization to message users using their favorite channels, including Discord, Twitter, and email via masked email addresses.

Easy Digital Ownership

Create frictionless in-app experiences isolated from users' primary accounts and from the complexity of blockchain wallets by using new, single-purpose custodial or shared custody wallets.

Object Storage

Request access to user object storage namespaces to read and write data, encrypt it with user-issued keys, and pin those objects to IPFS.

Free and Open Source

3ID is open source and does not charge any fees for monthly active users.

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