Decentralized Identity
Power your dApps with 3ID and turn on multi-chain decentralized identities with NFT profiles, KYC, messaging, MFA and more.
Kubelt 3ID - Decentralized Identity

Access your user’s public profile information including NFT PFPs. Accelerate sign-up flow improve your user experience.

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Verifiable Credentials

Request access to your user’s encrypted verifiable credentials. Accelerate KYC and user on-boarding for regulated applications.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Turn on MFA for your application. Improve security and trust in your decentralized applications.

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Connect directly to your users with simple, secure messaging tools. Automatically identify and interact with current token holders.

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Interoperable Identity

Allow users to login to your app using any of their linked blockchain accounts. Power your application with multiple blockchains.

Coming Soon

Air drop achievements to your users. Allow users to display their achievements in their 3ID NFT galleries.

Claim your 3ID

3ID turns your blockchain accounts into decentralized social accounts with improved auth, secure message and more.