Serverless dApp backends
Instantly configure unified RPC APIs with additional storage, auth, messaging APIs and more.
Kubelt Starship - Serverless dApp backends
Unified Provider API

Combine your favourite and custom providers into a unified RPC API with Kubelt’s application services. Add domain names and turn off your cloud servers to save time and money.

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Built-in Auth

Take advantage of Kubelt’s built-in, muilti-chain powered, user databases powered by 3ID. Easily turn on gating, MFA, KYC, messaging and more.

Private Alpha
Data & Storage

Access user-centric object storage so you never have to worry about 3rd party privacy issues. Infinitely scale storage for any data type.

Coming Soon
Messaging & CRM

Connect directly to your users with simple, secure messaging tools. Automatically identify current NFT holders and gate access to app features.

Coming Soon
Edge Functions

Deploy WASM powered functions that run remotely or directly on the client. Extend your application APIs with any functionality.

Coming Soon
Payments & Subscriptions

Setup up simple crypto and fiat subscriptions for your applications. Gate access to your products and services.

More to come..
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Easy Configuration

No code backends

Setup your dApp backend with a few clicks and integrate with one line of code.
Complete backends

Configure your application to generate your API and provider URL


Use the Kubelt CLI for a terminal experience or automation.

SDK & Libraries

Accelerate development with our batteries included libraries and SDK.